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Interview & Selection Guidelines for Employers


 Interview questions must be:

  • Predetermined and asked of all candidates

  • Non-leading and open ended

  • Based on job requirements

  • Job related

Don't ask about: 

  •  Age

  •  Arrests

  •  Citizenship

  •  Disabilities/Health

  •  Economic Status, including bankruptcy, car ownership, rental or ownership of a house, length of residence at any address, or past garnishment of wages

  •  Education, where no direct job-related requirement or business necessity can be proven

  •  English Language Skills

  •  Height/Weight

  •  Marital/Family status, including number of children and provision for child care

  •  Military Service Records

  •  National Origin

  •  Race/Color

  •  Religion 

  Hiring should be based on:

  • Knowledge

  • Skills

  • Abilities

Assess both performance skills and technical skills to determine if the student will be successful in the job.

Focus on what the employee can do, not what he/she can not do.

Are you willing to train the student? Is there potential for learning and applying what has been learned?

Do not let your judgment be influenced by things unrelated to the ability to do the job, such as: relative quality of other applicants, interviewer biases or stereotypes.

If you need further information or have questions, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 491-5836, or Student Employment Services, 491-5714.