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Employment Guidelines

The following information includes basic guidelines, which are designed to provide student employees and student employers with information about employment at Colorado State University. This information is intended solely to provide guidance on the mutual expectations shared by Colorado State University, its student employees and employers. Colorado State University reserves the right to change, revise, or eliminate any of the guidelines described herein. All employers must review and sign the Memo of Understanding and Compliance Review each year, if they wish to employ work-study students.  For more information on any of the guidelines, click on the appropriate link below:

Core Guidelines

Background Checks

CSU Policy: Alcohol and Drugs
Employment Concerns
Employment Eligibility
Evaluation Form
Interview & Selection Guidelines
Jury Duty
New to Work-Study? - Info Slides
Pay Period Schedule
Payment to Students
Sexual Harassment Policy
Student Employee Retirement Plan (SERP)
SERP - Medicare Info Slides
Student Job Descriptions
Supervisor Guidelines
Types of Work Programs
Work-Study Allocation Table
Work-Study Employment Dates
Work-Study Rules and Regulations

Work-Study Terms 


Campus Employers

Employer Information Training (2016-2017)
I-9 Processing and Equifax System
General Hiring Procedures
SSA-1945 Information
Workers' Compensation (Campus)
Work-Study Earnings Report

Off-Campus Employers

Billing Invoice Sample
General Hiring Procedures (Off-Campus)
SES Student Employee Drugs Alcohol Procedures
Work-Study Hiring Reminders (Off-Campus)
Workers' Compensation (Off-Campus)

Off-Campus Timesheets

Employer Login