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Eligibility for Campus Student Employment


Student Hourly Employee

An eligible student hourly employee is described as an undergraduate or graduate student, accepted for enrollment as a regular degree-seeking student at Colorado State University, carrying at least 1 credit per term during the academic year. The student must be registered by the census date for each term (GUEST, INTO CSU Pathways or Academic English, and Masters of Public Health students are not eligible).  The student must also be in good standing and able to demonstrate eligibility to work in the United States by completing Form I-9.  Students registered below half-time status are still subject to withholdings for the Student Employee Retirement Plan.

Undergraduate students who are registered in "Planned Leave" may be employed as student hourly employees the term immediate preceding the Planned Leave term and during the Planned Leave term itself. The deadline to request Planned Leave is 12:00 PM MST (Noon) on the Thursday prior to the start of classes each term. 

Graduate students who are "continuously registered" may be employed as student hourly employees. Continuous Registration must be completed before the census date for both fall and spring terms in order for the individual to be employed as a student.

  • During the summer, students are not required to register for credits if they were registered the prior spring and are registered for the coming fall, or are admitted for fall.

  • During the winter break, students who were registered the prior fall term and are registered for the following spring term, or are admitted for the following spring term, are eligible to be student hourly employees.

Work-Study Employee

To maintain eligibility for work-study, an undergraduate student employee must be admitted to a degree-seeking program and enrolled for at least 6 credits a term; a graduate student employee must be admitted to a degree-seeking program and enrolled for at least 5 credits.

International students at Colorado State University with employment eligibility questions should contact International Student Services, Laurel Hall, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80523, Phone: (970) 491-5917.

Important:  Since departments may directly hire student employees, it is essential that department personnel fully comply with the University's nondiscrimination policy.