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Work-study employees are not eligible for benefits, nor for time off (paid or unpaid) such as vacation, sick leave or paid holidays.  Per the Affordable Care Act (ACA), student hourly employees may be eligible for Health Benefits (see below).  Possible exceptions may also apply for jury duty and medical leave. Student employees are not entitled to State Unemployment Insurance through Colorado State University, but are covered under Workers' Compensation.

Student Employees and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

In compliance with health care reform regulations, beginning January 1, 2015, Human Resources performs a variable-hour employee calculation to determine whether an employee (student, non-student hourly, graduate student) has met the 30-hour weekly average over the course of a 12-month measurement period to gain eligibility for the University’s self-funded employee medical plans and will notify the student employee of eligibility by email.  The information in the email requires the student to take action, whether electing medical coverage or declining coverage, by a specific deadline. 

Employees (variable hour students, non-student hourly and graduate students) at CSU have the ability to obtain medical coverage through different sources, including maintaining coverage up to age 26 on a parent’s employer sponsored plan; purchasing individual coverage; maintaining enrollment in the Student Health Plan administered by CSU Health Network (premiums are not refundable and cannot be prorated and the graduate student health contribution cannot be applied towards the University’s employee medical plan) or purchasing a policy through the ACA Marketplace Exchange (eligibility criteria is specific to each referenced plan).  

Health Care Reform (the Affordable Care Act or ACA) is well underway and new aspects of the regulations become effective each year. Colorado State University (CSU), as an employer with 100 or more full-time employees (including FTEs), is prepared to comply with the minimum benefit and affordability requirements of the Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate of the ACA, for employees (variable hour students, non-student hourly and graduate students), on average, work 30 or more hours per week (over the course of a 12-month look-back period), and meet specific medical plan eligibility criteria defined by law beginning in CY2015. While the US Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service continue to issue guidance about how large employers, like CSU, are required to comply with the regulations, we would like to share the information we do know about how medical insurance eligibility may otherwise become effective for employees (variable hour student and non-student hourly), with you, by way of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

FAQ’s are displayed on the Human Resources website at:

Jury Duty

Compensation of employed jurors during first three days of service per 13-71-126, C.R.S:

  • All regularly employed trial or grand jurors shall be paid regular wages, but not to exceed $50 per day unless by mutual agreement between the employee and employer, by their employers for the first three days of juror service or any part thereof. Regular employment  shall include part-time, temporary, and casual employment  if the employment  hours may be determined by a schedule, custom, or practice established during the three-month period preceding the juror’s term of service.

  • Student employees are granted paid leave up to $50 per day the first 3 days of jury duty, if they are regularly employed.

    • Regularly Employed - includes part-time, temporary, and casual employment if the employment hours may be determined by a schedule, custom, or practice established during the 3 month period preceding the juror’s term of service.  Time exceeding 3 days is not compensable  by the employer.

  • Student employees summoned as a juror must be paid for normally scheduled work hours while serving, but hours served on a jury which are outside of their normal work schedule are not compensable by the employer.
    • For example, an employee normally scheduled to work for 2 hours on the day they are summoned for 6 hours of jury duty will only be paid for 2 hours.
  • Before jury duty leave can be approved, the student employee must provide a copy of the Juror Service Certificate to their employer to get paid for hours spent on jury duty.
  • If an employee is summoned to jury duty while being paid with work-study funds, please contact Student Employment Services.
  • The employee is expected to report to work, if excused from jury duty during normal work hours.
  • The department should maintain a record of all documents related to the jury leave usage with the time sheet records.